Event noted.

Event noted.

A web service that turns your notes from Evernote into calendar events.

Connects Evernote to your calendar.

Connect Evernote to popular calendar services and apps. It works with Google Calendar, with the calendar app on iPhone and iPad, with iCal on Mac, with Windows and Android. The set-up process only takes a couple of minutes.

Create events directly from Evernote.

Create a note or choose an existing one. Put date and time of the event you want to create in the title. Use your natural language to describe the event, like "this friday" or "in 2 weeks". Tag the note with "event" and Event noted will add it to your calendar.

Always linked to your notes.

An event always links to the most recent version of the note you created it from. For example, view an event in Google Calendar. Click on a special link and the note opens in Evernote. This also works in every other calendar app.

Sign up for free at www.eventnoted.com

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