Build the next generation of memorable apps using the Evernote platform.

The Evernote Devcup is our annual developer competition for designers and software developers. With the help of our online community, we will award prizes to the best products that integrate with the Evernote API. Participants will be working on building apps and services that effectively use features within the Evernote service.

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Submitting iOS Apps

Your iOS app does not need to be in the App Store. To enter an app that isn't in the App Store, create an Ad Hoc distribution for the devices that we are using for judging. Our UDIDs are listed below.

If you prefer to distribute your app using TestFlight instead of providing us with an IPA, simply upload a build that contains our UDIDs. All of our devices are registered with TestFlight.

iPhone UDIDs
  • 7273f1ffb99e49560c8f04750908133533aa4c2d
  • 14c5bfcc53a9b66b8cbfb85262c2532ddc40dbd9
  • 6625cd63c517fdbbd9ab1e5abde55119374f2338
  • d7ae135101d9f8eb6fce9eb55f4727caa1875adb
  • 4e484289ecc62dabdc8e3da742c36f6181bdaca2
  • f00d46818870e6481ba347e066299a484702169b
  • bbbfbaee6826c3d857dcfc25f23e9ad79173b72a
  • 770d3bc9fb2037e6828a8fd3cd54c6bda6eabc5e
  • 2adcd51a5af99dae32be4e6c6f171e575ed19220
  • e1e03ac8e67cfd74c0b0abc4e702f96dbadcad91
  • de0e531ed33c1d4e7d1c9539011d5b6cb94fab45
iPad UDIDs
  • ce008dcf03995c0252dd0d656956518e365045e3
  • c915cbb935bbac9cdc7862dbb1dc84b293332831
  • ef7dba2fe58eefe4869c4bd09c4749d810caa0bd
  • 0095dd79d7e26cdac9ac1ee6f80929edf37ea19e
  • 76209dfcf3c28278b125b97103bbeb1931da2349
  • 4444aa29a9bf464e705674ed823922200ae46119
  • 7d4b6594434bbd0cce44fb10aa618c469d7b466c
  • 976ea3b9d954067fda60a0873f01e28a05cbd6bd
  • 226748c2b80590f350f35caf8b0395548b492390
  • 2863f989adc40849df07f899188d8def037558e0

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Seth Hitchings
VP of Platform Strategy - Evernote

Julien Boedec

Julien Boedec
Developer Advocate - Evernote

Phil Constantinou
VP of Products - Evernote

Andrew Sinkov

Andrew Sinkov
VP of Marketing - Evernote

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Hitoshi Hokamura
Chairman, Evernote Japan

No avatar 100

Phil Libin
CEO - Evernote

Shinji Sato

Shinji Sato
Evernote Japan

Chris Traganos

Chris Traganos
Dev Relations

Nick Strayer

Nick Strayer

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Is the application polished, visually appealing, and easy to use?
  • Effective use of the Evernote platform
    Does the application take advantage of the unique functionality offered by the Evernote platform?
  • Utility
    Is the application compelling and/or indispensable?
  • Originality of concept
    Is the application unique and/or innovative?