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Hi first timer stepping on board. Here is my series of questions, first if you have an app should I get it patented before submitting it?

Let's say I submitted the idea without a patent how would I know if my idea is originated by me first? And if originated by me but you guys patent it will I recieve royalties as a result?

And last question, if what you answer, answers my curiosity does the same applied answers given pertain to all the other organization on this challenge.gov site?


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    Also, can a single contestant/team submit multiple entries/apps?

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    @Marcos M - this competition is to challenge developers to think of new ways to use our API. If you are concerned about someone copying your idea for the Devcup - wait until the last day (June 25th) to submit your app so it's only reviewed by the internal evernote team.

    In regards to your ideas - if you end up building an amazing Evernote integration, you have the chance to win the competition and receive prizes. Any apps that use Evernote's platform help the community grow - therefore we want you to succeed and to promote you and your products! Your product is yours to own and build.

    Feel free to review the rules: http://devcup.evernote.com/rules

    @Amjad A - Of course, submit as many as you want!

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    @Chris T>
    Ok I can submit my idea at a later and that is fine.

    But what happens when the idea is created, do I just get only the prize or am I also going to recieve future royalties or ownership power as a result?

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    @Marcos M Perfect, that sounds great - look forward to seeing your project.

    Any project you submit, you can do whatever you want with it moving forward - you own the project.

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    @Chris T> Why do I get the feeling like you are not shooting straight with me.

    Being owner of a project is not the same as having ownership of the ideas.

    Listen I was burned by BP oil for having the idea for stopping the oil spill in the Gulf in 2010. And I will be damned if I will allow this to happen to me twice.

    Do I need to consult with an attorney before my submission to make sure all my avenues are covered, or does this site accept ideas with promises that YOU or those running this challenge will make all the money off our own intellect?

    My questions are clear if they are not let me know, but please don't answer my question using a positive broad statement.

    President Obama refered me to this site and I hope that I do not have to go running back to him to tell him that this site or challenge.gov site is a farce.

    So Mr. Chris T, please come clean whether it be negative or positive, just be truthful.

    Thank you.

  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    @Marcos M - Sorry to hear about the BP idea issue, that would be incredibly frustrating. So shooting 100% straight with you, this competition is to award developers for building on the Evernote platform. We promote developers and their projects on our collection of 3rd party apps known at the Evernote Trunk http://evernote.com/trunk/ You own and are 100% in control of whatever it is you are planning on producing.

    To be clear, this is not an idea competition. This is a contest designed to award great *working* apps that demonstrate mastery of the Evernote API. We are looking to developers to push the communities perception of what is possible with Evernote.

    We have nothing to do with Challenge.gov - that is a US government program, not sure what the connection would be in your eyes? ChallengePost is a piece of software (like wordpress or facebook) that lots of developer competitions use to host their website, perhaps that is where the similarity is. To be clear, President Obama has nothing to do with our company or this competition.

    Considering your concerns, you can definitely get a patent to protect your intellectual property - certainly reviewing your project with a lawyer is a great first step in bringing your product to any market.

    Perhaps build your app to completion and when you are ready we can discuss promoting it to our users - this forum for ideas was intended to seed project ideas for developers looking to code, not for Evernote's benefit. You ideas, projects, and potential patents are yours and yours to control. So that being said, good luck!

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    Chris T.>
    Thank you very much you were much clearer now then before, I was begining to of insecurities or motives. I truly apologizing for any second guessing on my part, but one could never be too careful. I have an app that mentally is still in the works but rest assure everyone will need it.

    Thank you

  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    @Marcos M - awesome to hear, can't wait to see your product and be amazed!

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    @Chris T.>

    Thank you.
    I have one more question.

    If I create an app for any of the challenges. Do I have to create a visible outline for the judges to see or can I just enter the idea?

    The reason why I am asking is because I observed other submitted app and they are showing what seems to be an example of a website.

    Help me. Be thorough in the explanation if possible, THANK YOU.

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    @Marcos M, you seem to have not understood what the Evernote competition is about. It is about real, working computer programs. The competition entries must be programs that work as smartphone apps, desktop programs or websites that talk to the Evernote service (or local Evernote client programs on the desktop).

    It is NOT just for people submitting an idea, an outline or mockup of something - you have to have something that WORKS. Even if it is "just" a website, that means a site that either takes information from Evernote and does something with it, or puts its own information into Evernote. Put bluntly, if a computer programmer is not involved somewhere, it's not going to qualify as an entry.

    Looking at some of the other sites run by ChallengePost, many of them seem to be competitions where ideas alone can be submitted. That is not the case here.

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    @Andy D.>

    Hi andy thanks for the feed back it was very helpful, although I was aware of the concept, I was just under the assumption that an idea can be manifested first, placed into the contest and later submit the physical product afterwards.

    I only asked becaue I came late to this website and I feel that there is no way I can find a developer in time, and if I did the developer would not have sufficient time to complete the idea process.

    But hey you and Chris T. are great and I hope to find a developer who might want to help me,THANK YOU.


  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    @Andy D right on - thanks

    @Marcos M - I would suggest posting on Twitter looking for developers or perhaps going to developer community sites like github or stack overflow to find devs willing to work on fun projects. We have a discussion forum for teams looking for developers, perhaps post there as well? http://devcup.evernote.com/forum_topics/994

    Good luck guys!

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