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Can a submission use an old-style authentication?

I have a partly completed app which uses old-style password authentication. I know that has a sunset clause on it (Nov 2012?) but would it still be valid for the competition to submit this without changing to oAuth?

This feels a bit like cheating because others can't get these keys allocated but the oAuth stuff also seems problematic for desktop apps and I already have most of the Evernote-related code working.

The app was never released so it satisfies that criteria (it's actually an entry I had to abandon last year due to my mother's ill health).


  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    @Andy D - thanks for the note, this is definitely a major change for our authentication and security workflow and we know that it means a workflow change for Developers.

    Looking through the details of the OAuth transition - you'll see that we are discontinuing the client/password keys by November 12. Keep in mind the major factor - those keys are currently not being authorized to production from Sandbox any more.

    Since the Devcup projects require authentication with the production Evernote service (not sandbox.evernote.com), this requires you to have OAuth.

    Take a look through this OAuth transition document we put together, I think you'll find the new SDK files to be very helpful in adjusting your auth/token workflow. http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/Transition.php

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    Thanks, I'd missed the point about not authorising the move to production. Whilst there have been snippets from Seth, the Windows SDK still doesn't have oAuth examples.

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    Hey Chris, do I still have to transition my project to oAuth in time for devcup submission if my old-style password authentication keys are/were authorized for production (all other requirements being met)?

  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    If your app works on our production service, it's OK to use username and password auth for Devcup. You'll have to switch by November 1st, of course.

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    Ok thanks Seth. I'm aiming to make the switch to oAuth in time anyway. :)

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