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New apps vs. Existing apps

I've been looking at the submissions so far and I admit that there's some great apps already in there. However, I also see a lot of apps which aren't entirely new. These apps have been around (on respective app stores or otherwise) and have simply been re-purposed for Devcup with Evernote integration.

The judging rules state "Only applications and services that did not have publicly available integration with Evernote prior to April 24, 2012 are eligible for the competition." So, does that effectively mean that apps could have existed earlier without Evernote integration and people can resubmit it by integrating Evernote?

I want to clarify that I'm working on an entirely new app concept but going by the amount of been-there-done-that apps (modified to include Evernote integration), I'm not sure what weightage would be given to new vs. existing apps?

Chris, can you clarify?


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  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    @Gaurav K thanks for your feedback and concern regarding other apps and their submissions.

    Based on the rules and the section you have highlighted, the main point is that any app can submit to devcup so long as their Evernote API integration was not public & available before Devcup was announced.

    With one week left, you best strategy will be to focus on your app, we will be judging based on the following:

    Is the application polished, visually appealing, and easy to use?

    Effective use of the Evernote platform
    Does the application take advantage of the unique functionality offered by the Evernote platform?

    Is the application compelling and/or indispensable?

    Originality of concept
    Is the application unique and/or innovative?

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