•   almost 9 years ago

Opening the app on 6th July for judging- ok?

Hi Chris T!

we would like to open our integration with Evernote for everyone on the day when the judging starts, which is scheduled for 6h July.

I guess the judges will start looking at the submissions on 6th July, then this would be fine.

The judges can try our submission - getRefinder.com - before, if they want. Then they would need to tell me their email addresses or I would mail them login user/password where everything is opened.

Any issues/feedback on this?

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  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Make sure your devcup submission form has all the appropriate URLs and product information by next monday, July 2nd.

    We will not open your link before the judging period begins so that should not be an issue.

    Good luck with your app!

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