•   almost 9 years ago

Submission not showing up?


I submitted my app via TestFlight and this site a few days ago and now the gallery is up but my app does not show in the gallery (either by browsing or by searching).

I DO see my app if I click on "Submissions" at the top so I do think it was submitted properly.

Are submissions being added to the gallery every day or something and I should just wait or is there a problem?


  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    @Lillie I want so badly to make your submission public -- all you need to do is edit your submission form so that your URL link is a real testflight or something site. Currently you have a working video, description, and screenshots BUT your URL is still http://example.com/iOS/TestFlight Whoops ;) Edit it with the right details and I'll take care of it right away. Talk soon!

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Updated! Thanks for the heads up :)

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