•   almost 9 years ago

Time to validate submission

Dear Chris,

Just for information, we completed our submission form. I'm wondering how long we should expect to be listed in the gallery.
It's definitely a pure informative question to make sure everything is fine on our side to be on time for monday.



  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    I have been trying to go through them multiple times a day and update them. Basically what happens also is something when you edit your submission, the system adds the entry back into our review queue. We will be on it all weekend trying to keep it fresh.

    Talk soon!

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Hi Chris

    just one mistake in our submission, in the URL for the site, it's htttp and it should have been http.
    do we have to edit and resubmit or can you correct that ?

    Kind regards,

  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Would prefer you just edit it and I'll just republish. Given the load of this competition, I would feel horrible if I forgot to edit and editing your form before the deadline might be unwise.

    Once I see it in the queue I'll push through. You have till Monday night

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Thanks Chris. We've done that.

    have a nice week-end :)

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