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Thanks & Good luck everyone!

Chris (& everyone at Evernote), thanks for creating this wonderful opportunity for developers all over the world to create inspiring apps.

There are sooooo many wonderful and unique submissions. It is truly inspiring watching and reading everyone's app submissions.

So best of luck to everyone and thanks again!



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    Fully agree with Victoria. Thank you, Chris & Evernote team.

    Also, good luck everyone. I'm looking forward to trying your app.

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    Same here, thanks for this challenge and good luck to everyone outthere!


  •   •   almost 9 years ago


    Chris, Marny, Julien and the whole of Evernote team has been an awesome support.


  • Manager   •   almost 9 years ago

    Congratulations to all who participated in the Devcup - you have built some amazing things! The Evernote team throws you all high fives and approving nods ;)

    We'll be sending out the voting details shortly - essentially the submission pages will allow friends and the general audience to vote on your project.

    Stay tuned!

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    Congratz to Everyone! Some great stuff here.

    Submitted at 1:50am this morning. Ive never worked harder in my life than in the past two days.

    @Robert- Still couldn't sleep though, laid in bed all night like I was plugged into a wall socket.

    @Chris- High five!

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