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Most of brazilian people do not speak english, and the (complicated) voting platform is all in english... A little unfair. Many friends thought they have voted but they didn't, because forgot to verify the e-mail or didn't realize that the registration is mandatory to validate the votes...

You should have the voting pages in different languages too. Because Evernote is international (and coming to Brazil also) ...right?

João Otero


  • Manager   •   over 10 years ago

    Hi Otero,

    Thanks for the feedback - localization for Devcup is high on our wish list for the site next year.

    Thankfully, your app is currently in third place with 2000+ votes - so even with that language barrier I am glad to see you guys are doing so well!

    Good luck in the next few weeks, make sure your friends know they can keep voting every day!

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    Yeah, we've made 2000+ votes, indeed. ...As long you give a ticket to the Valley for all projects with 2000+ votes, I'm fine with that. But if only the 1st place will go, well...

    But a good luck is already better than a bad one, anyway. Thanks for it :-)

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