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Strange voting Patterns

Hey guys,

Will there be any analysis on the voting patterns of the projects? Like too many votes being generated from the same IP, in regular intervals, in the same hour everyday?

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Otero,

    This is Chris (we met in Sao Paulo at the Evernote/Wayra Hackathon!)

    As the competition comes to a close, we will be analyzing all those parameters. In past competitions, we have disqualified contestants for similar scamming tactics. IP logs, location, rate of voting, etc are all metrics we will be certainly taking into consideration.

    If you read through our rules page, you can review in more detail how we maintain the integrity of the competition --> http://devcup.evernote.com/rules. Here is a sample portion of the rules worth reviewing: "Evernote further reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant who tampers with the submission process, the voting or any other part of the Competition. "

    All this said, I would again encourage you to focus on your entry and figure out how to make the best use of these few weeks with voting and mobilizing your community and fans. Remind yourself there are 6 total finalists and the ultimate goal is for great apps to be pitched at our conference for the chance to win the Gold, Silver, or Bronze DevCups!

    If you can stay positive and let us focus on the infractions of voting (which we are keeping an eye on all entries) I think that is your best chance to winning both favor with the judges and especially with the overall voting community.

    Best of luck to Spotwish and we look forward to seeing your social network and activity app grow!

    Obrigado :)

    p.s. reach out to me at ctraganos@evernote.com, I would love to connect further!

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