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Some Queries

Dear Concern,

First of all thanks for arranging this contest. We are feeling great by participating in this Dev Cup and amazed by seeing creative projects from around the world.

Everything is going good. Apart from that we have some queries, like on 15th July, 2012 our apps page Facebook likes (near the twitter count) was more then 160. But suddenly its resets and start counting from zero!

And our university students are supporting and promoting ours apps. And they are voting from different classes/labs, which is under same IP. Is those vote will be counted?


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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hello Team Rapture,

    We have many tests we will be running on devcup entries to ensure all votes have been legitimately obtained; IP addresses are just one of those methods to cross checking. Everything from rate, frequency, and patterns of votes to online outreach, app creation date, and many other metrics will be kept in close consideration as we determine the validity of each submission.

    No team that ran a successful rule-abiding campaign should have anything to worry about.

    Hope this helps!


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