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Thank You, Chris T

Chris T.,

You have been so helpful throughout this whole process, not just to me, but to everyone who participated in this competition. And for that, thank you so much. It's been a true honor =.]

Until next year,

James Davis
* Caroline (http://devcup.evernote.com/submissions/8744-caroline)


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    Yep! We think the same here...
    Thanks Chris!
    Spotwish Go Team

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    Thanks Chris and the team, it was a fun ride.

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    Wow - thanks guys, after this crazy few weeks it's great to hear!

    We were talking in the office today about how exciting it will be to have a whole new collection of awesome apps in the Evernote Trunk - a curated site of products for our users.

    You really have gone above and beyond what we imagined for this API competition. We salute you!

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    Thanks everyone.And thanks to Chris from Team Rapture.We love Evernote and have fun participating in Dev Cup.

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    Indeed thank you Chris for managing the submission process flawlessly and for your great reactivity.
    And thanks for the Dev team that have been very responsive as well on the Developer Forum.

    We hope that the testing went fine during those last 2 weeks and are looking forward to the final results. :)

    It was definitely a fun contest, even though we ended up at light-years from the TOP 2 teams :) Congratulations to them.

    the BeesApps team

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    I wholeheartedly agree. #ChrisRock(s)

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    Thanks Chris and everyone at Evernote for this opportunity and experience.

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    Thank you for your help throughout the competition. You have been very kind and so quick to respond.

    You rock!

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    Thank you Chris and everyone on the Evernote staff for putting on a great competition! Everyone we've dealt with at Evernote has been awesome and very responsive. Keep up the good work and we love your app!

    - Team EverSmart!

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    Thanks Chris, and thanks Julien at developer support.

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