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Fake and Froud Vote

Over the last few days the only thing that catched my mind is that how did some projects are getting so many votes where others still struggling hours to get 10 votes? Me as a neutral observer here voted few projects that sounded interesting to me, the voting difference between top projects are ridiculous! infect the top project was struggling hard to come from number 5 to 4, and now it's out of others touching distance. were they just waiting to vote at the very ending time of the voting competition or is there anything to do with the moderators?

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    @tina_s thanks for the note - it's worth noting that we have a solid ops team that will be spending the next few days running many types of tests on the voting results. Everything from IP addresses, their subnets, rate of votes, spread of voters, social media traffic, and a few other metrics we will keep private to verify the teams have legitimately obtained their votes.

    One non-scientific way to explain big explosions of votes is to search Twitter and Facebook for team names. For example, one of the top teams has been featured on their national radio, top television programs, and all of the top newspapers in their country. Following those media appearances, the number of votes rose significantly.

    I would encourage you to check the top apps and what the online chatter has been. Typically with agressive social media campaigns - the final tally is exponentially higher that others.

    That said, we are going to be getting very in depth with each of the finalists.

    Hope this helps, reach out to me if you want to talk further -- ctraganos@evernote.com

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