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Submit a single app or multi-platform family?

I'm working on an iPad app which I expect to ultimately accompany with similar features in desktop Mac and Windows apps. I can't decide if it will be more credible to deliver just the iPad app, with extra polishing time, or accompany it with at least early versions of the desktop clients to prove the broader versions will get delivered.

Chasing public interest, it seems having at least a Windows desktop app would attract some people who may not be inclined to vote for something they see as "just" an iPad app.

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  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    @Andy D I would suggest making a really polished iPad app if you are still deciding - the main reason is that you can always indicate that it will be eventually be multi platform but a stunning first app with a great consideration for the user experience is what we will be judging on.

    Over time you can build out the multi platform apps, which will be more reasons to promote the overall product in waves!

    Good luck, excited to see what you build!

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