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Ideas for Evernote Devcup Projects

Do you have fun projects ideas for building apps that integrate with Evernote?
Many developers are looking for some inspiration as they compete for the Devcup so please feel free to add ideas below!


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    Bet/Wager Reminder
    App that remembers the bet, the items or amount wages, and who the bet is between.

    3D view of Evernote account
    Finding new ways to visualize notes and related data from Evernote using WebGL, Flash, and or HTML5

    Microsoft Kinect integration:
    Haptic and Human interface methods for exploring content in your Evernote account

    Peek flashcard creator
    App making it easy for a user to create a Evernote Peek compatible notebook.

    Evernote Mosaic
    Navigate your notes like your thoughts. Jump from one related note to another and remember memories you forgot.

    Command Line / Linux Client
    Method for making calls to the Evernote service using the command line. Useful for cron jobs and curl requests to an evernote account.

    Train your memory
    New generation of the peek product using other types of data (location, video...)

    We like Robots
    Build a robot that integrates with Evernote's API to help you remember everything.

    Workout logger
    An app to help you track your metrics for working out and staying fit!

    Spreadsheet editor
    Provide a tabular method for viewing notes as a spreadsheet.

    Movies and more
    Remember the movies you have seen and your opinions of them.

    Wine Memory
    Capture and store the wines that you enjoy and curate them with Evernote

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    I would like to see a way to add health information to Evernote but have a way to export it so that I don't have to keep filling out medical forms everytime I go to a dr's office. I realize this is probably more of a legal/political/health reform issue, but it would be nice to find a solution.

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    How about the idea of using Evernote as a blogging tool. There could be a button on the note, that says - "Blog it!". When you press this button the note automatically is published to your tumblr, blogger, wordpress blog, which ever you have integrated with evernote.

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    The spreadsheet editor intrigues me especially as I get frustrated by the simple table support in Evernote. Do you see it as a better table within a note or a sheet of many notes, maybe one note per "cell"? In that case, isn't it getting close to Pinterest?

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    A better way to save information and meta-data about your music collection online, with the help of Evernote. The application can integrate the users music information from their Spotify/Grooveshark account.

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    OMG, I had the wine idea long ago and now you're posting it! I'm so discouraged right now(((

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    These are all great ideas and definitely worth working on.

    @Greg W: The health records idea would be great for patients trying to keep track of immunizations, appointments, etc -> Think about how you could make the interface and workflow seamless for a hospital or patient when adding details.

    @Ashutosh K: Love the idea, especially powerful to consider since many writers and bloggers use Evernote as their way of writing out their drafts and ideas. How would the publish dashboard work? Keep fleshing that out.

    @Andy D - Agreed, remember though that your app could generate structured data and send that into Evernote. You could make a online spreadsheet editor that saves the content into Evernote as a backup.

    @Aditya K: Music curation remember artist collections would be great for users. Considering there are live APIs that could return the album covers and art, you have many options to pull from. Perhaps you put together a requirements list for common music requests and make the app you want? Good luck with that idea!

    @Dmitriy C: Don't just give up! An idea is just an idea, it's the execution of the project that counts. Think about the ultimate wine app and build it, There would definitely be demand for it.

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    @chris T thanks for the encouragement! :)
    Will think on it further...

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    I am new to this. When my app is completed, how should I submit it. I don't see any link for that, all I see is website url, images, description and all that.

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    Something I would love to have is a way to create an e-book from a collection of notebooks. With an index in the front. It should be downloadable to any e-book reader.

    You could then give those books to friends or colleagues.

    I can think of e-books like cookbooks, how to books, tip books, travel guides etc. etc.

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    Okay I have an idea that would win! It's an idea that would help a ton in business! My problem is I'm a business owner that has nothing to do writing programs! So I need help?

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    A resume for kids: a way to track accomplishments and special milestones. Not only for reference but ultimately a self-esteem booster for the child AND the parents. I need a developer for this idea I have been so passionate about for!

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    @kennedy submit your app here:

    @Kiek V Great idea!

    @Ken S & @Laarni Let's post your ideas on this discussion thread looking for Developers!

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    @Ashutosh K hi, that blogging feature sounds really nice, are you already invested into it? ...or should i go ahead and think about it too? approach would probably only involve the Cloud API as far as i can tell and no "blog it" button.

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    really want to work on a health & medical repository

    1. literature, articles other for health professionals (know hundreds that already do this but its not organized well for this)
    2. for patients store an xray image, an article, etc..

    more I have for this purpose and would love to find developers that think its a good idea. I would monetize through the health industry.

    cheers, Blaine Warkentine MD MPH 484 938 8104

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    @Philipp K
    We are a team of 3 and we have started to work on this idea. We will have the implementation details very soon.

  • Manager   •   over 10 years ago

    @Blaine W - make sure to cross on the "Project Teams looking for Developers! " board here:

    @Ashutosh K & @Phillipp K that idea is definitely worth pursuing and you both have different angles so I say both go for it! A lot of people love the idea of having good publishing options for their Evernote content.

    Make sure to think through how the workflow (auth for multiple platforms & ux) would be in addition to how content is either auto-updated from a note versus posted at chosen times.

    Good luck!

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    thanks Chris

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    Idea: Save and plan trip in Evernote. Collect relevant information, links, notes, photos, maps, reviews and place in evernote as a online+offline trip plan.

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    @Robert M - I think Travel is a great area to explore this year, it has been largely untouched so far and lots of people want something to help with that use case. Make a great experience for upcoming and previous travels and I think you have a great concept.

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    I'm a contractor and what we most use Evernote for is estimating jobs. We wil send someone out snap a few pictures take a few notes speak confidently to the customer... And it give us the ability to all look the te job and five our two cents when needed. But what I want is like a template or something that could be either before and after shots with subtitles or away to easily email "this is your wall now, and this is what your wall would look like if we put your front door here." basically away to use the original note and let outsiders look at something pretty and not see the part where the estimator wrote"customer is a jerk lets add 20%" plus the times when we have email customers with an EN most of them ask about it, the lady who orders our windows and doors loves it at well because its never a question of which side the door is hinged on

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    I'm just a user. Would it be feasible to create way to create simple mindmaps in an evernote "note"? Just basic tools for line diagrams within the application. It could be a great addition to an already amazing product.

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    @Dave B, which platform would you want to see this on first?

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    I am working on an App too...

    Also, Chris T, I found a bug in your WP7 SDK, I submitted a fix for it on Github. Hope it was ok I did that?

    Look forward to my App!

    Lance Seidman

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    @Ken S great idea - if you are looking for Developers, post this over on the discussion for ideas that need dev help!

    @Lance S you rock, thanks good Sir! Can't wait to see your submission!

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