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    Sure - It's ok tom move to the general Evernote forum.

    Not sure how to do that. Can you move it ?

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    @andy d & @mark c -- may be too late for Devcup but never late for being added into the collection of Evernote working apps at evernote.com/trunk! Looking forward to seeing your apps succeed!

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    In Evernote i need only master pages.
    Master pages for telephone-notice, for doing staff etc. I wish i can build a master page with text, checkboxes, lines, logo etc. – Important: the text from the master page is locked and grey.

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    A way for students to have an add-on for Evernote that optimizes the platform for taking class notes.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Evernote needs an action item aggregator. I have many notes from many meetings, each with an action item or two. An action item aggregator would be able to locate all actions from all notes and show them in one location. There needs to be a way to flag specific entries in a note (like some special character precursor such as *[ to indicate "star as open") to differentiate an action from just a note. Then the aggregator should mark the difference between an open or closed action item. The aggregator app should have the ability to change the original note with the special character precursor to something like *] for "star as closed" such that a review of the original note can show actions closed as well. Of course the aggregator app should also do things like show dates open and dates closed as well as what note the action came from and the ability to write some special notes on how or why the action was closed and add that to the original note location. This would be a massively powerful tool for project managers like me who hold many weekly meetings with various personnel on various projects. With the use of shared notebooks this could become an enterprise wide tool in many organizations. Thanks.

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    Hi, Here one suggestion that I've been missing myself.
    If there were a possibility to add numbers to notes in a stack, and you then could add them or manipulate them (average etc.)? Say you want to build a house, and you add all material as notes, then you could get the total cost. This could be useful for a range of other situations too. I can think of a packing list for your back-pack, and get total weight. Or scenario planning where you get probable outcome.

    Well, I hope that the idea it new here and that someone might think it's a useful idea. Cheers.

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