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over 10 years ago

Final week details

Evernote Devcup participants:

Tonight marks the 1 week countdown to submit your entry for the Devcup competition!

Required details for your submission:

To submit your entry for the Evernote Devcup, please provide the following information: 

  • Video Overview: A YouTube or Vimeo movie that provides an explanation of how your app/service works and shows the functionality that it provides. Consider this your 2 minute or less pitch.
  • Screenshots: Visual examples of the app in action are required, please provide as many as possible to give those who are voting the opportunity to understand what your entry does.
  • Description: Please provide a detailed written explanation of your entry's functionality.
  • Website: Please provide a link that we can use to try your application. For mobile and desktop apps, this should point to a place where we can download your application. For webapps, provide a link to your website.
  • Complete the form at

Evernote API reminders:

Public voting and the "People's Choice Award":

We are recieving some great early submissions and the first batch will be live to view starting this week. Remember that anyone can review and vote for the submissions during the voting period. As a reminder, the Devcup submission with the most votes will win the "People's Choice Award":

"Finalist - The People's Choice Award

A finalist chosen by the online community. $10,000 cash prize, and airfare and lodging to attend the Evernote Trunk Conference."

Remember to read the rulesdiscussions, and details fully on before the deadline - July 2nd at 11pm PDT. To submit your app to the Devcup competition, fill out the submission form here: 

We look forward to your projects and good luck this final week!

~ The Evernote Devcup Team