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over 11 years ago

Join us at the Evernote Trunk Conference


We're excited to share details about the upcoming Evernote Trunk Conference, our annual gathering of Evernote users, developers, and partners. ETC is a great opportunity to discuss what is new at Evernote, share ideas, and make connections. The event will be held on August 24, 2012 at the San Francisco Design Center Concourse. Learn more and see the updated agenda on our blog.

Here are some highlights of the Developer Series:
The IdeaPaint Developer Lounge: Our unconference portion of the day. Bring your projects and demos to connect with fellow devs and users who can help you brainstorm and take your idea to the next level in an informal, open environment. Drop in anytime throughout the day.
State of the Platform: See how the Evernote platform has grown over the past year, and get a preview of where we’re headed next.
Seth Hitchings, Evernote VP Platform Strategy
Getting into the Trunk: The Evernote Trunk connects users with the apps that help them get more out of Evernote. Learn about what’s new with the Trunk, how to get your app listed, and how Evernote can help you promote it.
Chris Traganos, Evernote Senior Web Developer
Developer Showcase: Teams who’ve worked with Evernote discuss how they built successful apps using the Evernote API. Hear their stories, and learn how to design and implement apps that work with Evernote.
Winning Hackathon Teams from Taiwan, Korea and Tufts University
Host: by Troy Malone, Evernote General Manager Asia Pacific Operations

Completing Your Thoughts: Evernote, your external brain, is getting smarter every day. Our Head of Data Products explains how we’re putting your notes to work for you.
Mark Ayzenshtat, Evernote Head of Data Products
Inside Evernote Development: Learn how an app is born at Evernote, from idea to implementation, using the same APIs that are available to all developers
Evernote Product Team
Private by Design: Unlike many popular web services, Evernote is primarily for a single user - you. Learn how we designed and implemented our web service and applications to ensure that your data stays private.
Dave Engberg, Evernote CTO

Devcup: Meet the six Devcup finalists and see their pitches, then cast your vote to choose the Devcup champion.
Host: Rafe Needleman, Evernote Platform Advocate.

You can register for the conference on our Eventbrite conference site.

We hope to see you at ETC!


The Evernote Dev Relations Team